How to Remove Ironing Stains from Clothes

Relax, scorch stains while ironing happens to the best of us. You’re ironing your clothes and in a brief moment of distraction, you leave the iron on a spot for too long and it gets burned, leaving ugly scorch stains on the fabric. But rather than fret about how to remove ironing stains from the … Read more

How to Make a Quilting Ironing Board in 3 Ways

How to Make a Quilting Ironing Board

Did you buy an ironing board that is not as smooth and cushioned as you would like? Or perhaps, the foam cover of your current ironing board gives you zero stability for your fabrics while ironing? Relax, you don’t have to throw away your current ironing board/table and get a new one. There are a … Read more

How to Wash Dress Shirts Without Ironing

How to wash dress shirts without ironing

Whichever way you wear your dress shirts, whether it’s for formal occasions or for casual evenings, dress shirts need good maintenance if you want them to last long. Part of this entails knowing how to wash them, dry them, and still rock them wrinkle-free. What are the ways you can wash dress shirts? You can … Read more

How to Make Linen Water for Ironing in 2 Steps

How to Make Linen Water for Ironing

Scented water makes clothes and linens like pillowcases and bedsheets smell nice. To make linen water for ironing, all you need to do is add a few drops of essential oil to some clean water and allow the mixture to settle for a while. That being said, it is not out of place to use … Read more

Where to Buy a Good Ironing Board — A Complete Guide

This article is a full guide on how and where to buy a good and sturdy ironing board. Buying a good ironing board will not necessarily make the chore of ironing less boring and time-consuming, but it is certainly guaranteed to make the job much easier for you. A good number of people have a … Read more

How To Make An Ironing Board Pad in 8 Steps

How to Make An Ironing Board Pad

Are you tired of your boring or old and worn ironing board pad? Or perhaps, it doesn’t suit your needs anymore? Or maybe you just want to add your special touch to your ironing board pad? Well, whatever the case may be, we’ve got you covered. This article guides you on how to make your … Read more

How to Have Wrinkle-free Clothes Without Ironing

How to have wrinkle-free clothes without ironing

Ironing helps to transform our clothes from drab, wrinkle-ridden pieces to nice, smooth, and sharp-looking apparel. But not everyone has the luxury of time or patience to perform the tedious task of ironing. Moreso, if you’re one who travels a lot, it can be a hassle to carry an iron around. So, it is understandable … Read more

How to Make a Portable Ironing Board — A Guide

Ironing boards are laundry essentials in almost every home. And while there are several types of ironing boards, a good number of people prefer the portable models because of the ease and convenience that they offer. If you have a portable board, you can iron your clothes wherever you are by simply lifting the board … Read more

How to Store An Ironing Board in 3 Easy Ways

How to Store an Ironing Board

Storing your ironing board may seem difficult especially in a small house. But, if you have a laundry room, then placing the ironing board in there is a no-brainer. However, even in the laundry room, you still need to be able to store your ironing board properly or it will not be long before it … Read more

Where to Buy Ironing Board Covers — A Guide

Where to Buy Ironing Board Covers

A good ironing board cover is designed to protect your board and clothes from stains and scorches. However, finding the right one may be a bit challenging because there are tons of this ironing essential in the market. Not to worry, this article provides tips on how to sort through the variety in the market … Read more