Where To Buy A Wall-Mounted Ironing Board — A Guide

Making the choice to buy a wall-mounted ironing board as opposed to the traditional ironing board is a no-brainer especially if you don’t have all the real estate in the world to install the conventional floor model ironing board.

Even if you actually do have some good space to play with, a wall-mounted ironing board makes your space relatively tidier because it has a smaller footprint.

More so, although you can fold most traditional ironing boards into a more compact form, the folded form tends to occupy a significant amount of storage space as well.

Hence, the need for wall-mounted boards.

Where to Buy Wall-Mounted Ironing Boards – The Specifics

Where can you buy the best wall-mounted ironing board?

If you want to buy the best wall mounted ironing board for you, then here are a few places you have to check out:

1. Local appliance stores near you

2. Online retail stores

3. Directly from the manufacturer (online or at a physical store)

4. Big-box stores

5. Pawnshops

6. Resale and auction websites or

7. Garage Sale

Local Household/Laundry Store

One place you can buy an ironing board is a local household or laundry store near you.

Buying an ironing board somewhere close to you gives you the opportunity to see and assess the ironing board before you buy it.

What to do about finding the right one? You can look up stores around you through the internet to decide on the place to go.

Meanwhile, you may also want to call the stores to know if they have exactly what you are looking for. Doing this will save you time and gas.

Online Retail Stores

Alternatively, you may want to shop online instead. This is more convenient because you won’t need to leave your house to make the purchase.

You can make an order, pay for it, and have it delivered to your doorstep.

When in doubt on what online retail store to check, you can visit retail stores like Amazon and Walmart.

Amazon may be a better option especially if you want a wide variety to choose from.

Superior Essentials Wall Mounted Ironing Board

From the Manufacturer

Most buyers prefer to buy appliances directly from manufacturers because it is safer and they can deal with possible after-sales issues by contacting the brand directly.

Thankfully, a good number of the brands that manufacture ironing boards have online shops for customers to buy from.

So, if you have identified a particular ironing board that you like, you can check the manufacturer’s website and buy it there.

In some cases where a manufacturer’s online shop is non-existent, you may be referred to online retail stores like Amazon.

Big-Box Stores

Big-box stores are different from the departmental stores around. Best Buy, Lowe’s, Sears, Home Depot, and Walmart are some of the popular big-box stores.

They are large physical stores that usually operate as a chain of stores. So, all you need to do is find one of the branches near you, walk into it and check to see if they have what you want.


Pawnshops are stores that sell used appliances and items.

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Just in case you don’t mind a used ironing board, you may want to consider buying your wall mounted ironing board from a pawnshop.

But bear in mind that because they are used items, there may be certain parts of the board that you may need to change. Most times, this depends on how the ironing board was used by its former owner.

For instance, the cover material and the padding may need replacement if they are worn out.

Resale and Auction Websites

Some buyers get a product, never use it or use it only a couple of times that the product is almost as good as new. Then they decide to resell them.

If you don’t mind trying this out, then you may want to check out resale and auction websites where you can buy or bid for pre-owned or brand-new wall mounted ironing boards.

Resale sites like Facebook Marketplace, VarageSale, eBay, and Craigslist are some of the common ones. So, you can check them out.

You only need to contact the seller, get more details about the product, negotiate(if there’s room for that), and have the item delivered to you.

You may also want to check out auction sites like Auctionzip, and Bonanza.

Garage Sale

Somewhere else to check if you want to buy a wall-mounted ironing board is at a garage sale.

There may be someone around you who wants to make some money while he or she declutters, and decides on a garage sale. You can take advantage of that.

Note that items in garage sales are used and may or may not be in perfect condition. But checking at a garage sale is not a bad idea.

Video: Homemade Mounted Ironing Board

Up for a challenge? How about making your own wall mounted ironing board yourself? The video below is a step-by-step guide on how to make one. Check it out!

Factors to Consider Before You Buy a Wall Mounted Ironing Board

It is important to note that not every wall mounted ironing board in the market is suitable for you; which is why knowing how to find the best wall-mounted is necessary.

Having said that, we agree that the mere task of finding a suitable wall-mounted may be a hassle. So, we decided to do the dirty job ourselves to make shopping for the perfect one easy for you.

During our research. we discovered that the size, material, construction, sleeve attachment, and board cover are some of the important factors to consider before choosing what wall mounted ironing board to buy.

For a better perspective, let’s dig into how to use these factors to your advantage.

What are the factors to consider before buying a wall-mounted ironing board?

The factors to consider before buying a wall-mounted ironing board are:

1. Size

2. Material and construction

3. Design

4. Cover and padding


The idea of choosing a wall mount ironing board is to manage your available space. Therefore, the size of a wall-mounted ironing board is definitely one factor you really want to zero in on.

This is because whether it is a compact wall mounted ironing board or a full-model, the board will still be a potential obstruction to your movement when it is in use. And this is especially if your space is not so big.

So, when it comes to picking the best wall mount ironing board by size, it is advisable to check the length and width of the board before you make a choice.

Be sure that it is not too long and becomes a problem in your space or it is not too short that it makes ironing a Herculean task.

To prevent this kind of issue, you may want to measure the amount of space you will like the ironing board to extend to and then select an ironing board with a size that is perfect for your space.

Video: Upcycle An Old Ironing Board To A Wall-Mounted Ironing Board

Did you know that you could convert your floor model ironing board to a wall-mounted iron board? Well, yes, you can!

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Find out how to in the video below:


Material and Construction

Wall-mounted ironing boards are made with different kinds of materials. And most times, the choice of material determines how sturdy and durable the ironing board will be.

So, before you make that choice, ensure that the ironing board is made from strong materials.

Now, while it’s easy to get drawn to lightweight ironing boards, ensure that the board also has a strong frame and casing.

You also want to be sure that it can withstand the weight of the iron without wobbling while you iron your clothes.

Note: It will be a lot easier to ascertain these properties if you plan to walk into a physical store to get your wall mount ironing board.

However, if you choose to get yours on an online retail store like Amazon, then the reviews of verified buyers of the particular wall-mount ironing board you want will be useful.

By the way, the best wall mounted ironing boards are made of cotton, wood, and metal.


The design of a wall-mounted ironing board will determine its ease of use and your ironing comfort.

If you want to win with the design of your ironing board, ensure that, among other things, you can have the board installed anywhere you want and that it can be turned in more directions than one.

Also, ensure that all the hardware and parts necessary to install the ironing board successfully are included in the package.

Meanwhile, depending on your preference, you may want to opt for boards with extra features like a cloth hanger, an ironing cabinet, an iron rest or hanger, a mirror, etc.

Cover and Padding

The cover of your wall mounted ironing board is an all-important feature to consider.

So, typically, a board with long and thick padding is often recommended.

Meanwhile, when it comes to the material of the cover, there are a few properties of a good ironing board cover to consider.

What are the properties of a good ironing board cover?

The functions of a good ironing board cover are:

1. The cover is durable and able to withstand frequent ironing.

2. It reflects heat to reduce scorching marks.

3. The pad underneath the cover allows moisture to go through to prevent stains when using a steam iron.

4. A silicone coating is incorporated to reflect the heat from your iron back to your clothes so that ironing can be a lot easier.

5. The cover fits firmly to the board and doesn’t slip off while ironing. It can be held to the board with Velcro straps, drawstrings, or elastic binding.

You may also want to check for features like cup holders, iron holders, cabinets, and wire-management features that make ironing easy.

The Best Wall Mounted Ironing Boards in the Market

What are the properties of the best wall-mounted ironing boards?

The best wall-mounted ironing boards are sturdy, easy to install, and have heat and scorch-resistant padding and cover. They also have a good design and are able to meet the user’s ironing needs.

A typical example of a wall mount board that fits the bill is the Household Essentials Ironing Board.

This board has a wide ironing surface area for easy ironing and is about 42 inches long and 14 inches wide. So, it is almost as big as a standard floor model. However, unlike the floor models, this board is compact, takes no floor space, and can be tucked away when it is not in use.

This Household Essentials board also has a durable design, can hold your iron well, and features multiple hangers to accommodate doors of different widths.

So, if you are short on installation space and want the benefits of a full-sized ironing board, then this Household Essentials board may be the most suitable one for you.

Household Essentials 144222 Over The Door Small Ironing Board With Iron Holder | Natural Cotton Cover

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Finding the best location where a wall mounted ironing boards are sold depends on your location, convenience, and budget.

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If there’s no big-box store, pawnshop, or local retail store that sells ironing boards round you, then online retail stores or auction and resale sites may be your major choices.

What’s more? If your budget is not sufficient enough to get a new ironing board, then you may want to consider visiting a garage sale, an auction or resale site, or a pawnshop.

But wherever you eventually decide to get your wall mounted ironing board from, ensure that you check the size, construction and material, cover and padding, and the design of the board before you buy it.

Up for a challenge? How about making an ironing board pad? Interested? Click here to learn how to.

PS: You can leave a thought about your experience with buying ironing boards in the comment section below or let us know why you think a wall mounted ironing board is a better option for you.

Where To Buy A Wall-Mounted Ironing Board — Related FAQs

How Do You Install an Ironing Board Cabinet? 

To install an ironing cabinet, you will need a drill, level, tape measure, hooks, saw, screws, screwdriver, wood, and pencil. 

Cut out a hole on your wall or stud. The height above the floor should be equivalent to your hip level. Create a cabinet and put a hinge on the door. Mark the level where you will attach your board with a pencil.

Attach a hook on the cabinet at the marked level using screws and a screwdriver. Mount the ironing board and close the door to make sure it fits properly.

How Do I Get More Space in My Laundry Room for My Ironing Board?

To get more space in your laundry room for your ironing board, do the following:

1. Create more hanging bars for your washed clothes. 

2. Fix more cloth countertops on your wall. Dirty clothes can be kept there, and laundry baskets removed.

3. Add extra shelves in your closet. You can keep some washing material on the shelves.

Ironing boards can be placed on the floor, a tabletop, or built in a cabinet. To make space for an ironing board, most of the objects on the floor need to be organized or removed.

How Do You Hide an Ironing Board? 

You can hide an ironing board by keeping it in the following places:

1. Behind the door. You can use a hook to hide the board behind the door.

2. Under the bed. Fold the ironing board properly and lock the lever before placing it under the bed.

3. In a closet. You can fix a hook on the wall of your closet and hang the folded ironing board there.

4. In a drawer. Fix sliding bars so that you can slide in and pull out your ironing board easily.

How Do You Collapse an Old Ironing Board? 

To collapse an old ironing board, look for the lever underneath the board. If it is stuck, apply some lubricating oil before pulling it. 

If the lever is broken, use a screwdriver to apply pressure on the locking mechanism. While applying pressure on the lever, pull the legs until the ironing board collapses.

If the board does not collapse, you can buy some parts from the hardware store for replacement or take it to the maintenance factory to repair it.

How Do You Remove Scorch Marks from an Ironing Board?

To remove scorch marks from an ironing board, do the following:

1. Apply hydrogen peroxide on the stain. Let it stand for 3 minutes.

2. Apply a small quantity of ammonia on the stain. Allow it to stay for one hour.

3. Pour a lot of water on the stain to get rid of the ammonia odor.

4. Use detergent and mild bleach to wash the ironing board cover.

If the stains are not removed, you can buy a new ironing board cover or make one by yourself.

When Were Wooden Ironing Boards Made?

Before metal ironing boards became popular, wooden ironing boards were made. They were quite popular in the 1920s.  The legs of these wooden ironing boards were designed to look like a tripod. This is because these boards were heavy and needed sturdy stands.

To make the wooden ironing boards smooth enough, they were padded heavily. However, when used for a long time, wood ironing boards tend to soak up moisture from steam used in ironing. The cover clothes are removed, and the board dried before further use.

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