How Do You Close an Ironing Board: A Step-By-Step Guide

If you’re struggling with the question, “how do you close an ironing board?” then this comprehensive guide is for you.

We will walk you through the step-by-step process to help you close your ironing board safely and efficiently.

how do you close an ironing board

General Steps to Close an Ironing Board

Regardless of the type of ironing board, certain general steps are common to almost all models. Following these steps diligently can minimize the risk of damage or injury.

Step 1: Clear the Ironing Surface

Before you begin the process of closing your ironing board, make sure that the surface is free of any objects. Remove clothes, irons, or any other items to ensure a smooth and safe folding process.

Step 2: Locate the Lever or Button

Most ironing boards are equipped with a lever or button situated underneath the board. This lever is your primary tool for unlocking the board to initiate the closing process. Familiarize yourself with its location before attempting to fold the board.

Step 3: Press and Hold

Press and hold the lever or button with one hand while your other hand supports the board. It’s crucial to keep the board stable during this step to prevent any sudden movements that could result in injury.

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Step 4: Fold Down

While pressing the lever, gently lower the board towards the legs. Be cautious and make sure your fingers are clear of the folding mechanism to prevent any pinching or other injuries.

Step 5: Confirm It’s Locked

Once you’ve successfully folded the board, ensure that it is securely locked in its closed position. Many ironing boards produce a ‘click’ sound to signify that they have locked into place. Always confirm this before attempting to move or store the board.

Common Troubleshooting Tips For Closing an Ironing Board

If you’re having trouble closing an ironing board, it could be due to various reasons. Below are some common troubleshooting tips to help you resolve any issues.

  • Make sure you are fully pressing the lever or button. Partial pressing may not release the locking mechanism.
  • Examine the board for any obstructions, such as fabric or other items caught in the mechanism. Such obstructions can prevent smooth closing.
  • Inspect the board for any damaged or broken parts that may be preventing your from closing the ironing board. If you find any, you may need to replace those parts before successfully folding the board.

Conclusion: How Do You Close an Ironing Board?

Understanding how to close an ironing board correctly is more than just a matter of convenience; it’s also about ensuring the longevity of your board and your safety. By following the steps and tips outlined in this guide, you should now be well-equipped to handle your ironing board with confidence.

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