How to Get Wrinkles Out of Polyester Tablecloths Without Ironing

So, you are hosting an occasion and you plan to use polyester tablecloths, but you’ve discovered that one or more of the tablecloths is wrinkled. This might be quite shocking to you because polyester is an excellent material that is naturally wrinkle-resistant.

The general step people try when their tablecloth is wrinkled is to iron it. But, there are other ways to take care of your polyester tablecloth without using the iron.

In this article, you would learn how to get wrinkles out of polyester tablecloth without ironing. These procedures are very easy to carry out. So, they shouldn’t take so much from you.

What You Need to Smoothen Polyester Tablecloth

1.            Kettle

2.            Vinegar

3.            Towel

4.            Flat iron

5.            Steaming appliance

6.            Washing machine

7.            Tube

Steps to Get Wrinkles Out of Your Polyester Tablecloth

Wash and Dry the Tablecloth in a Washing Machine

If you haven’t used your tablecloth for a long time, you may realize that it is dirty. What’s the point in smoothening your tablecloth if it isn’t as clean as it should be? So, instead of washing the polyester material the same way you used to wash it, you can try something that will both wash and smoothen the tablecloth.

Before using your washing machine, set it to the permanent press option. So, your cloth gets straightened because the machine uses warm water to wash the tablecloth. Then, rinse it in cool water.

After washing, dry the polyester tablecloth using the permanent press option. Since the press option uses medium heat to dry the material, you’ll have no creases when it is over.

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Meanwhile, ensure that only a few clothes are in the washing machine when you’re washing or drying. This is to ensure that all the creases on the tablecloth are removed. Also, this step is only necessary if your tablecloth is dirty. Below, we would look at other methods that do not include washing.

After you’ve finished washing the tablecloth, remove it from the machine carefully and straighten it with your hands. Then, spread it somewhere for 3-4 hours for it to air dry. Ensure you do not fold it in the process.

Image by Noupload from Pixabay

Smoothen the Tablecloth

If you’re organizing a party or small gathering at your house in less than 24 hours, and you notice that the tablecloth is not looking as glamorous as it should, you can handle the creases overnight.

How do you do this?

Spread the tablecloth over a huge ironing board or on the table you want to use it on. Then, sprinkle some water over it. With your hands, smoothen the tablecloth and leave it to try till the next morning. You’ll notice that even if not all the creases leave, you have been able to handle the worst.

Alternatively, you can make use of a damp towel. If your hands are a bit dirty or you’re too worried you may not get it right with your hands, dampen a towel with some water. Then, use the towel to straighten out the tablecloth. Leave it overnight to dry.

How to Get Wrinkles Out of Polyester Tablecloths Without Ironing
Image by Steve Johnson from Pixabay

Use a Flat Iron

Sometimes, ladies make use of a normal pressing iron to straighten their hair. It works perfectly. A flat iron is the device ladies use to straighten their hair.

So, the reverse can also be one for your polyester tablecloth. But, it is only used for the hems and edges that are not straight enough or have wrinkles. It won’t smoothen the entire tablecloth.

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To do this, straighten the tablecloth on an ironing board or over the table you want to use it. Then, use the flat iron to straighten out the edges.  Meanwhile, your flat iron must be cleaned properly to prevent it from staining the tablecloth.

Steam the Tablecloth

Steaming your polyester tablecloth can be done in a variety of ways. We’ll be showing you three ways people remove the wrinkles on their tablecloth using steam.

Here’s a video that explains how to steam a tablecloth:

Use a Kettle

With a hot kettle, you can remove the creases on your tablecloth. Firstly, boil water in the kettle. Then, place the steaming kettle about a foot away from your cloth. The steam from the kettle will smoothen the wrinkles on the tablecloth.

Photo by Barbara Webb from Pexels

Steam it in the Shower

This is a very popular method, as many people already carry it out in their homes. For people who like to use steam when they shower, you can also remove tablecloth wrinkles with that steam.

Hang the tablecloth in the bathroom and close the door. The steam from the shower would remove the creases on the cloth. But, you must be careful enough to put the tablecloth away from the shower so that water doesn’t get on it.

Both the shower and kettle methods work using the same principles. But with the shower, you have to heat up the entire room.

Use a Wrinkle-release Spray

When you go on Amazon, you can purchase a spray you can use to remove wrinkles from your fabric. These sprays are usually affordable and work well. So, you can get the wrinkles removed without so much work.

There are different types of sprays for different fabrics. So, you have to make sure that you can the right spray for a polyester tablecloth.

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One of such you can find on Amazon is the Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus. It leaves your tablecloth soft, and also gets the wrinkles out in seconds. Also, it has a nice scent that makes you love your tablecloth even better.

Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus 16.9 fl oz (2 PACK) With Travel Size Spray 3 fl oz

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Use Some Vinegar

Many people are not aware of the vinegar secret weapon. Apart from treating your face and other parts of your body, vinegar is also very good for your fabric.  To use it, dilute the vinegar with water in the ratio of 1 part water to 3 parts vinegar. Put this mixture in a spray bottle and spray it on your tablecloth.

Although polyester is a very gentle fabric, using vinegar on it wouldn’t damage it when you use the right concentration.

Another way to use vinegar on your tablecloth is to dampen a clean towel with it. Then, use the towel to smoothen the creases.

Roll the Tablecloth

Imagine a fish roll. That’s exactly what you’re going to get your tablecloth to look like. Roll your polyester tablecloth. If you have something like a large cardboard roll, you can use it too. But, you may not find the appropriate size for your tablecloth.

After wrapping the cloth up, place it somewhere that it wouldn’t be tampered with for a few hours. For example, you can place it under your bed or in an empty cupboard. When you pull it out after some hours, most of the wrinkles will be gone.


Whenever you want to host a get-together for friends or relatives, a nice tablecloth is one of the things you need. Polyester is a very gentle material that shouldn’t have so many creases on a normal day. But, if you don’t have a pressing iron close by to smoothen out wrinkles on it, you can still get them out before the party begins.

The ways you can do this without using the iron are by using vinegar, rolling the tablecloth, spinning it, and also washing when the machine is set to the permanent press option.

So, you can now enjoy your parties without getting worried about the unattractive tablecloth.

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