How To Use An Ironing Board Like a Pro

How to use an ironing board

How hard can it be to use an ironing board? Everyone knows that you just lay whatever cloth you want to iron on it, plug in your pressing iron, and iron away, right? Wrong. Ironing boards have been in existence for many years and are useful items in most homes. But some people still do … Read more

Who Invented The Ironing Board? And When?

Who Invented the Ironing Board

The ironing board is a useful piece of equipment designed to make ironing easier, faster, and effective. Little wonder it became an important fixture in many homes. But have you ever paused to wonder who invented the ironing board in the first place? Well, this post is set to educate you with an in-depth profile … Read more

How To Make A Tabletop Ironing Board in 8 Steps

Tabletop ironing boards are versatile, portable, very easy to carry, set up, and use when compared to standard-sized, free-standing ironing boards. This makes them a good fit for most home spaces and those who move around a lot. A tabletop ironing board is also very easy for almost anyone to make from scratch compared to … Read more

How to Make an Ironing Board Cover Like a Pro

how to make an ironing board cover

Ever wondered how to make an ironing board cover from scratch? You’re in the right place. As you might well know, an ironing board cover is an essential part of the ironing board, as it serves as a buffer between the ironing surface of the board and your clothes. What is the importance of the … Read more

How to Iron Without an Ironing Board — A Guide

How to Iron without an ironing board

An ironing board is a valuable ironing tool that is designed to make the process of ironing clothes easier, faster, and more effective and enjoyable by providing a suitable surface to lay your clothes while ironing. This is why many people swear by it and use it often. But what do you do in a … Read more

How to Get Wrinkles Out of Curtains Without Ironing

Everyone wants their home to look great and very attractive to visitors and people living in the home. So, most people love to get new drapes when moving into a new home or when the old one has become too boring. Some people even spend a great fortune on getting luxury curtains or fabrics which … Read more

How to Close an Ironing Board with Broken Lever

How to store an ironing board

Ironing boards are some of the important equipment we use at home. And most of them come with a lever that enables you to close the ironing board after you’re done with it. It is quite simple to close an ironing board when it has its lever intact. But, what if the lever is broken? … Read more

What is a Pressing Cloth for Ironing? [A Detailed Guide]

What is a pressing cloth for ironing?

Whether you are a novice or a professional in ironing, slip-ups happen from time to time. You may accidentally burn one of your favorite clothes when ironing. This is normal, but it is also very avoidable. Sometimes the heat from the iron may get as high as 445 degrees Fahrenheit which delicate fabrics often can’t … Read more

How to Get Wrinkles Out of Polyester Tablecloths Without Ironing

So, you are hosting an occasion and you plan to use polyester tablecloths, but you’ve discovered that one or more of the tablecloths is wrinkled. This might be quite shocking to you because polyester is an excellent material that is naturally wrinkle-resistant. The general step people try when their tablecloth is wrinkled is to iron … Read more

How to Avoid Ironing — An Expert Guide

How to avoid ironing

Everyone loves to look good, and ironing clothes is one of the ways to get you to look and feel great every day. No one should hate ironing, because nothing beats smooth dress shirts with sharp edges. But, you may not be able to press your clothes every time you need to. So, you have … Read more