How to Get Wrinkles out of Tablecloths Without Ironing

Smooth tablecloths help you make a great impression on your guests. But what do you do when you realize a couple of hours before your guests arrive that your tablecloths are badly wrinkled, right out of the box?

You’ll agree with us that fretting won’t solve the problem.

To remove wrinkles from your tablecloth without getting close to your ironing board, you can wash and/or dry with the permanent press option, steam it in the bathroom, dampen and straighten it, or use the vinegar trick.

But there are other methods to try and we will let you in on them in the next section.

How to De-Wrinkle Your Tablecloths With No Iron – 6 Easy Steps

You can de-wrinkle your tablecloth without ironing using the steps below:

  • Washing and/or drying using the permanent press option.
  • Steaming in the bathroom.
  • The vinegar trick.
  • Roll it.

Washing and/or Drying Using the Permanent Press Option

To achieve a sharp look after washing, put your table clothes in the dryer and set it to the permanent press option. This works like steaming. The heat helps remove any creases left. You can go ahead and put your tablecloth in the dryer without washing if it has not been used before. Add some ice cubes or a wet towel to the dryer before placing your tablecloth in the dryer.

Now, because this feature operates on a slow spin, it is not likely that new creases will form while the tablecloths are being washed. In fact, the warm water or hot water will remove the already existing creases.

Besides, there’s no point displaying a smooth tablecloth if it is dirty and stained with food crumbs from last weekend’s dinner.

However, it is advisable not to put too many table linens in the dryer at once, or they’ll be squeezed together and will form newer wrinkles; which is what you want to get rid of in the first place.

Note: You can skip the washing if the tablecloths are clean. Meanwhile, since the clean cloths are not likely to be damp, you can place them in the dryer with a clean and damp cloth or with some ice cubes. Doing this will produce hot steam which will, in turn, straighten the linens.

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What are the best washing machines for washing tablecloths?

The best washing machines for washing tablecloths are:

1. LG WM3500CW

2. LG WT7500CW

3. Samsung WF50K7500AW

4. LG WM9000HVA

5. Kenmore Elite 41983

Steaming In The Bathroom

How can you remove creases on your tablecloth by steaming it in the bathroom?

Hang your tablecloth in the bathroom while having a warm bath. Close the doors, windows, and air vents to prevent the steam from escaping. As the warm water flows, the steam in the bathroom will work on the creases and remove them.

Steaming your tablecloth in the bathroom is another method that doesn’t require you to use an iron. You can use this method while taking a shower. Doing this will conserve time and save energy.

By the way, ensure that the hung linens are not close to the shower so that you don’t make things worse by making the linen wet.

Image by GregoryButler from Pixabay

Dampening and Straightening

How can you remove wrinkles from your tablecloth by dampening and straightening it?

Lay the tablecloth on a smooth table the night before. Sprinkle some water on the cloth, then smoothen it with your hands. Leave it laid out flat on a table so that it can dry overnight. By the next day, the cloth will be dried and the wrinkles will be gone.

If you don’t want to use your hands, you can place a damp cloth like a towel over the table cloth to straighten it. You can also do this straight out of the dryer.

Just smoothen your fabric with your hands after removing it from the dryer and stretch it on a clothesline or on the back of a chair. Doing this will remove any wrinkles left.

Image by Steve Johnson from Pixabay

The Vinegar Trick

How can you remove wrinkles from your tablecloth using vinegar?

Dilute 1 part vinegar with 3 parts water in a spray bottle and spray the mixture on the fabric. Then leave it out to air-dry. You can also use the vinegar mixture to remove wrinkles from other fabrics, especially if you don’t want to iron them due to their delicate nature.

Vinegar is a great and versatile home supply. But if you thought cleaning and cooking are all there is to its usage, you thought wrong.

Have no fear, this concentration of vinegar is super gentle on fabrics including polyester.

Roll It

How can you remove wrinkles from your tablecloth by rolling it?

Use a cardboard tube, roll the tablecloth carefully around it. You might have to fold in half first before wrapping depending on the length of the cardboard tube. Next, place the rolled cloth in a location where nothing can press on it and make it wrinkled again.

If you can’t get a suitable one at the local store, you can use the one at the end of a wrapping paper, foil, or roll of fabric.

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A linen cupboard is a good example. You can do this overnight to get rid of the crease marks before the next day.

Video: 6 Wrinkle-Free Clothing Hacks

You can also check out this video for a guide on how to remove creases from your clothes and not have to do it with an iron.

For more tips on ironing, check these articles:


Tablecloths come in handy when you’re hosting. But removing creases from them may be confusing especially when they are needed urgently. More so, it is not unlikely that you, like many other people, dread using an iron on a polyester table cloth.

How to remove these pesky lines from your tablecloth(s)? Wash or dry the fabrics using the permanent press setting or dampen or straighten them with your hands and leave them to air-dry.

Alternatively, you can hang them on a railing or clothesline in your bathroom while the shower is running. You can also apply some quick fixes that do not require washing like steaming in the bathroom, rolling, or using a DIY wrinkle release spray.

Just in case you want something a lot quicker, then you may want to try out a good wrinkle release spray.

Once you remove the creases from your tablecloth with these tips, you can set it on your table to impress your guests. Easy peasy! No ironing required.

So, have you tried any other DIY tips that don’t require ironing to remove creases from your table linens? What was your experience like? Or do you prefer to rely on your good ‘ole ironing board? Do share in the comment section below.

How to Get Wrinkles out of Tablecloths Without Ironing — Related FAQs

How do you get wrinkles out of tablecloths?

To get wrinkles out of your tablecloth, wash it as you normally do. Put it in a dryer but remove it before it gets completely dry. Lay it on your table and let it dry there. You can spray the tablecloth with clean water using a spray bottle after laying it on the table.

If you do not want to use the tablecloth yet, you can hang it on a clothing line. Mix clean water with vinegar and spray it on the tablecloth. As the tablecloth dries, the smell of the vinegar will go away.

How do you unwrinkle clothes quickly?

You can unwrinkle clothes quickly by wetting the wrinkled area and blowing it dry with a hairdryer. Be cautious, use low heat on your clothes while keeping the dryer at a distance.

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Alternatively, you can spray water on the cloth and hang it out to dry. When the cloth dries, the wrinkle will straighten. This is best used on cotton or silk clothes.

You can steam the clothes by sprinkling some water and placing them in a dryer. You can also steam your clothes by hanging them in the bathroom while you take a hot bath.

Remember to close the doors and windows so that the steam can gather up and dampen the cloth.

How do you unwrinkle a shirt at work?

You can unwrinkle your shirt at work using any of these two methods:

  • Sprinkle water on the wrinkled part of your shirt and place it under the hand dryer in the office bathroom.

This method might take time if the wrinkles are severe or you sprinkled too much water.

  • You can use the coffee kettle of your office to boil water. When the water boils, pass your shirt over the steam leaving the spout. Hang your shirt to dry and the wrinkles will go away.

How do you get wrinkles out of wedding tablecloths?

Wet and place the wedding tablecloths in a dryer. When the dryer stops, hang them on a clothing line. You can spread them on the table while they are still warm.

After some minutes, the weeding tablecloths will cool down and the creases will straighten.

You can also use a cloth steamer or a hairdryer to straighten out the tablecloths if some wrinkles are left.

All these methods are to be used if you do not want to iron the tablecloths. Trying to straighten your wedding tablecloths using these methods might take some time, unlike ironing.

How do you unwrinkle clothes in the dryer quickly?

To quickly unwrinkle clothes in the dryer, try any of these two methods:

  1. Put some ice cubes in the dryer before placing the clothes in it. When the dryer heats up, the ice will melt and turn into steam. The steam will help in removing the wrinkles on the clothes quickly. When you remove the cloth from the dryer, hang it to dry before use.
  2. Place a damp towel in the dryer together with the wrinkled clothes. Turn on the dryer to medium heat and allow it to run for 5 minutes. Remove the clothes and hang them before use.

Why are my shirts still wrinkled after ironing?

Your shirts are wrinkled after ironing because of the following:

  1. They might be over-dried. It is best to leave some moisture on your shirts before ironing them. If they are already dry, sprinkle some water on them before you iron them.
  2. You overloaded your dryer. It is best to load your dryer halfway full. This will prevent the clothes from squeezing together. When the clothes squeeze together in a dryer, they are steamed, and the creases become pronounced and hard to straighten out by ironing.
  3. There may be some starch left on the clothes after washing. If your dry shirts were starched previously, any crease present on them will be hard to straighten out by ironing. Steam or sprinkle water on them first.

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