How to Get Wrinkles Out of Curtains Without Ironing

Everyone wants their home to look great and very attractive to visitors and people living in the home. So, most people love to get new drapes when moving into a new home or when the old one has become too boring. Some people even spend a great fortune on getting luxury curtains or fabrics which would then be made into curtains.

However, many other people who do not want to spend a lot of money on window coverings purchase their curtains online. These curtains come tightly packed and folded inside boxes. So, when you bring them out, they are all wrinkled. If you don’t like ironing, you’ll have to figure out how to get wrinkles out of the curtains without ironing.

Not to worry, there are several methods to follow to deal with wrinkles on your curtains. But firstly, you have to look at the fabric.

Some curtains are made of wrinkle-free materials but the packaging still gets them looking wrinkled. To know the best way to treat your curtain, make sure you take a look at the label to know the material used. Does it say you can dry clean? Are the curtains made from materials like Lycra or nylon which do not need ironing?

In the next section, we’ll show you several ways of removing wrinkles from your new curtains without ironing. Let’s dive right in.

How can You Remove the Wrinkles from Your Curtains?

You can remove the wrinkles from your curtains by:

  1. Using a washing machine
  2. Using a cloth dryer
  3. Using the shower method
  4. Using a fabric steamer
  5. Dampen with water in a spray bottle
  6. Using a wrinkle-release product.

Using a Washing Machine

How can you remove wrinkles from your curtains using a washing machine?

Put the curtains in the machine, use a gentle and short cycle to wash them. Afterward, take it to the dryer which is set to a permanent press cycle. You can also put small towels in the dryer so that the curtains won’t get wrinkled or tangled up.

You’ll know if you can use the washing machine on your new drapes by reading the label. If the manufacturer says you should dry clean the drapes, you may need to take it to a professional drapery or dry cleaning service. But, you can still wash it yourself with a machine to save some money.

Using the cloth dryer

How can you remove wrinkles from your curtains using a cloth dryer?

Along with the curtains, put a wet or damp towel into the dryer. This will not wet the curtains, but make them damp enough for the dryer to remove the wrinkles. Then set the dryer to a delicate or permanent press cycle.

Sometimes, you do not need to wash your drapes and curtains. Instead, put them into the dryer.

Using the Shower method

How can you remove wrinkles from your curtains using the shower method?

Set your curtain on a curtain rod and hang it in the bathroom. Then turn on the hot water in the shower and make sure you close the windows. Let the hot water run for a while. The heat generated from the shower will do a great job of removing wrinkles from your new drapes.

As with many of your wrinkled clothes, the shower also plays a great role in removing wrinkles from your curtains. In this case, the shower works as a fabric steamer.

Using a fabric steamer

How can you remove wrinkles from your curtain using a fabric steamer?

To remove the wrinkles on your curtain using a fabric steamer, fill it with water. Then wait a while for the water to get hot. From bottom to top, move the fabric steamer slowly over the surface of the curtains.

If you still see wrinkles you will like to take care of, repeat the process. Also, if your curtain is made from delicate fabrics like silk or velvet, don’t put the nozzle of the fabric steamer directly on such fabrics, or else you will damage them.

A fabric steamer is used after you install the drapes and curtains on the curtain rod.

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Dampen with Water in a Spray Bottle

How can you remove wrinkles from your curtain by dampening with water?

To remove the wrinkles on your curtain, put some water in a spray bottle. Don’t open the nozzle completely. Instead, set the nozzle of the spray bottle to mist so that the curtains won’t get wet.

After sprinkling some water on the curtains, place a knife, rod, or any other slightly heavy substance at the hem or bottom edge to straighten them. When the curtains dry, the wrinkles will be gone.

Sometimes, you only need water to get the job done. So, instead of going through all the stress of using various methods and devices to get a very good-looking, wrinkle-free curtain, it is advisable to try the simplest first. In this case, a spray bottle.

Using a Wrinkle-Release Product

How can you remove wrinkles from your curtain using a wrinkle release product?

You can remove wrinkles from your curtains by using a wrinkle-release product. Just spray it on your curtains and watch all the wrinkles disappear in a few minutes. You don’t get to do any work. You can purchase a good wrinkle-release spray on Amazon or make one for yourself.

There are various wrinkle release sprays in the market. Some of these sprays work great on all types of fabric. So, you can use them on your new drapes and curtains. You will find them in your local department store.

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To remove wrinkles from your curtains without ironing, you have to put in some work, no matter how little.

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For starters, immediately you unwrap the curtains from the boxes, remember to check for fabric details to know what can and cannot be done to the curtains. All the methods listed above only require you to use steam or some water to remove the wrinkles.

Meanwhile, note that you should only wash your curtains if it is necessary.

If it comes in new and wrinkled, you can use the dryer or fabric steamer to get rid of the wrinkles, not the washing machine. Old curtains that you want to reuse can be washed and dried using settings that aid wrinkle removal.

Video: How to Get Rid of Wrinkles on Curtains

Looking for specific tips on how to de-wrinkle sheer curtains? Check out this video to learn some:

How to Get Wrinkles Out of Curtains Without Ironing — Related FAQs

How do you iron curtains while they are hanging?

You can iron your curtains while they are hanging, with the use of a cloth steamer. Spread the curtains wider on the drapery rod. Fill your cloth steamer with water and allow it to heat up. 

When the water heats up, hold your curtains on one hand and the steamer on the other hand. Apply steam on the creases, working from the lower to the upper part of the curtain.

If there are some creases left after steaming, apply steam on those areas, and smoothen the curtain with your hands.

Alternatively, you can spray water on your curtain using a spray bottle. Then, use a hairdryer to blow the curtains dry. The creases will be gone by the time the water dries up. Repeat the process on the spots that remain wrinkled. You can sprinkle water with your hands if a spray bottle is not readily available.

How do I make wrinkle release spray?

To make wrinkle release spray, pour a cup of water into a bowl. Add 1 cup of vinegar and 2 teaspoons of fabric softener. Mix thoroughly and pour into a spray bottle.

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If you are concerned about the smell of vinegar on your fabric, add some drops of essential oil to mask it. The odor of vinegar will normally fade away if the fabric is hung outside for some time.

If you want to use the fabric within a short time after spraying, use a small quantity of the wrinkle spray. If you are using the fabric the next day, you can use the spray as much as you want.

Remember to hang your cloth on a line or spread it on a flat surface before using the wrinkle spray.

How can I iron without electricity?

Lay a thick cloth on a flat surface, place your wrinkled cloth on it. Cover your cloth with a used newspaper, pillowcase, or thin cotton face cloth to prevent stains.

Heat up an old iron or a clean steel plate over your cooker. When it is hot, place it over the cloth and leave it on a spot for about 30 seconds.

When the iron or plate cools down, heat it up again and place it on another wrinkled part of your cloth. You can spray water on your cloth to make it easier for the wrinkles to smoothen.

How do you iron curtains with blackout lining?

You can iron curtains with blackout lining by using a steamer to smoothen the wrinkles. You should hang the curtains on the drapery rod before going ahead to work on the wrinkles. 

When steaming a blackout curtain, you need to spend some time on each part of the curtain due to its thickness. You may need someone to help you spread the curtain out. This will help you steam the curtain well and achieve the desired result.

Also, you can use a steam iron to smoothen a wrinkled blackout curtain. You will have to move the iron over the wrinkles on the curtain. When using an iron, it is easier to spread the curtain on a flat surface.

Apply steam from the iron and use the heat from the iron to smoothen the wrinkles. You should spread the curtain on a very wide surface so that it does not crease after ironing.

You can also remove wrinkles from your blackout curtains by spraying them with water and drying with a hairdryer.

How do you unwrinkle polyester curtains?

To unwrinkle your polyester curtains, put them in a washing machine. Use cold water and mild detergent or liquid soap to wash them on a gentle cycle for a short time.

When the cycle stops, hold the ends to a clothing line using a peg and leave out to dry. The wrinkles should be gone when the curtains are dry. 

You can also wash your polyester curtains by hand because they are lightweight and require gentle handling. If you still want to use an iron to smoothen out any wrinkles left after drying, set the heat on ‘low’ or on ‘polyester’ setting. Move the iron fast over the wrinkles to avoid burning your curtains.

How do you get wrinkles out of linen tablecloths without an iron?

To get wrinkles out of your linen tablecloths without an iron, do the following:

1. Spread your linen tablecloth on a clean, flat surface.

2. Sprinkle water or wrinkle release spray all over the tablecloth.

3. Smoothen the tablecloth with your hands or cold iron.

4. Hold the tablecloth to a clothing line using a peg and leave it overnight.

Alternatively, place a wet towel or ice in a dryer with your linen tablecloth. Set the timer for 2 – 5 minutes. When the dryer stops, remove your linen tablecloth, and hang it out to cool.

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