How to Close an Ironing Board with Broken Lever

Ironing boards are some of the important equipment we use at home. And most of them come with a lever that enables you to close the ironing board after you’re done with it. It is quite simple to close an ironing board when it has its lever intact. But, what if the lever is broken?

If you’re thinking of trashing your ironing board because the lever is broken and you are unable to fold the board, we recommend that you don’t. In this article, we’ll be showing you how to close an ironing board with a broken lever.

A lot of ironing boards come with a small tool that can be used to unfasten the spring mechanism of the tension rod. If you have this tool, simply use it to unlatch the spring of the lever from the tension rod. And if you don’t, then you’ll need a screwdriver.

Note that the smaller the tip of the screwdriver, the better.

How Can You Close An Ironing Board With A Broken Lever?

To close a drawing board with a broken lever, find the locking mechanism and the bridge on the underside. It is a small pin of the locking mechanism should be sticking up through the bridge. Apply pressure to the pin to release it using the screwdriver. Finally, pull the top of the leg of the ironing board towards the end of the board and fold it.

If you try these steps and you are still not able to close the ironing board, then you can either remove the cover of the ironing board or go underneath it to reach the top side of the ironing board. Use your screwdriver to release the tension rod and that will allow the legs of the ironing board to close.

Video: How to Fold/Close a Stuck Ironing Board

Check out this video to learn how to fold or close a stuck ironing board.

Now, it is not unlikely that after trying all the tips the ironing board will still refuse to close. If that’s the case and you think the ironing board has overstayed its welcome, then you may need to get a new one.

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However, you want to be sure that you will get a good quality ironing board this time. This is why in the next section we will give you a brief summary of what to look out for in an ironing board before you buy it.

Alternatively, you can read our detailed guide on where to buy a good ironing board or where to buy a wall-mounted ironing board.

What are the Factors to Look out for When Buying an Ironing Board?

The factors to look out for when buying an ironing board are:

  1. Size.
  2. Height.
  3. Mobility.
  4. Weight.

i. Size: Choose a wide ironing board to ensure effective and convenient ironing. A full-size ironing board is usually at least 4 feet long and about 8 to 12 inches wide.

ii. Height: Choose an ironing board that is at least, at your hip level. If you choose an ironing board that’s really high, whenever you stand and iron for a long period of time, you could start feeling back pains.

iii. Mobility: Choose an ironing board that isn’t going to occupy a lot of space in your home.

iv. Weight: Choose an ironing board that isn’t too heavy.

A good example of an ironing board that checks all these boxes and more is the Brabantia Ironing Board with Iron Rest and Linen Rack.

How to Clean an Ironing Board

To clean an ironing board, remove the cover, and wash it by hand or with a washing machine. Clean the frame with soapy water and wipe clean with a towel.

Remove the cover of the ironing board from the frame of the washing machine and wash the ironing board with a soft sponge and detergent.

If the cover is old, ensure you remove it from the washing machine before the spin cycle starts so that the cover doesn’t tear apart.

How to close an ironing board with a broken lever
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Tips for Maintaining an Ironing Board

  1. The ironing board has a metal frame; so, try not to bend any part of the metal frame.
  2. Before you close your ironing board, always ensure that the iron is cool.
  3. The legs of the ironing board should be properly secured so that it doesn’t pop out at any time.
  4. After closing the ironing board, place it where it won’t fall or slide.

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When you buy an ironing board, make sure the ironing board is strong enough to carry your clothes and your iron. When it is not in use, close it and keep it in a safe place.

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Also, some ironing boards have additional features like the iron rests, water steam stations, hanging rails, etc. These features are there to give you more comfort while you iron.

Do not use your ironing board to house heavy equipment because it can result in a broken lever. However, in the event that the lever of your ironing board is broken, you can check out this video for a guide on how to fix it.

How to Close an Ironing Board with Broken Lever — Related FAQs

How do you fold an ironing board with a broken lever?

Here’s how to fold an ironing board with a broken lever:

  1. Place the ironing board parallel to the floor.
  2. Press the lever and hold the opposite side of the ironing board.
  3. Bring the board down towards the floor. You can bend or squat while doing so.
  4. Continue pressing the lever until the stand of the ironing board folds.
  5. Raise the board up and secure the leg stand in the right position.

Be careful when folding your ironing board to avoid accidents. Allow the board to get cold after ironing before trying to fold it.

Make sure that the legs of the ironing board are firmly secured in place after folding so that they do not pop out again.

If the lever press becomes stiff or broken, fix it before using the ironing board again. This is to prevent the board from giving way while in use.

Remember to keep your board in a place where it will not have contact with water or steam so that the lever will not rust and get stuck.

Do not keep your ironing board in a place where they can slide and fall. This may cause the lever to malfunction.

How do you close a laundry board?

To close a laundry board, follow these steps:

1.    Remove your iron and all the cloth on top of your ironing board.

2.    Bend your ironing board until you can access the lever underneath it.

3.    Press the lever or slide it towards the rear end of the ironing board until the legs of the board start to move.

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4.     Continue pressing the lever until the legs of the ironing board completely fold up.

5.    If there is a locking mechanism on the ironing board, use it to hold the legs of the ironing board in place.

What can you use instead of an ironing board?

Instead of an ironing board, you can use a wooden or tiled floor, your bed, reading or kitchen table, your cloth dryer, or a counter. Place a thick cloth or an ironing blanket on the flat surface.

The heat-resistant nature of the ironing blanket will prevent the heat from causing any damage to the surface. This is because it is made with cotton, coated with silicone.

If you are using a thick cloth, you have to make the ironing period as short as possible.

Clean the surface properly and make sure it is not damp. Do not iron on a bare surface. 

How do you open an ironing board?

Lay your ironing board down on the wider side. Look for the release lever located under the board.

Bend down carefully while avoiding contact with the board stand. Press the lever towards the board to release the legs.

Pull the legs outwards while still pressing the lever. Release the lever when the legs of the ironing board are completely stretched out. Raise the ironing board, stand it upright, and check if the legs are properly locked into place before use.

Do not attempt to pull the lever away from the board as this might get it stuck or broken.

How do you fold a broken ironing board?

To fold a broken ironing board, use the tool that is provided by the ironing board manufacturer. Then, follow the manual to initiate the spring mechanism of the board stand.

If there is no tool provided by the manufacturer for that purpose or it is lost, you can use a screwdriver. Choose a screwdriver that is small enough to enter through the lever opening.

Turn your ironing board to its wide side. Locate the bridge of the locking mechanism and apply a slight pressure on it using the screwdriver.

Continue applying pressure until the legs of the ironing board begin to move. Fold the legs of the ironing before removing the screwdriver.

How do I fix my broken ironing board?

To fix your broken ironing board, replace the spring or straighten the rod of the spring mechanism.

You need to find out if the spring mechanism of the ironing board is still functioning properly. If it is not, the ironing board will not be able to stand without collapsing. This could happen because the spring is weak or the rod is bent. 

The spring mechanism is found under the ironing board, at the point where the closing lever is located.

If the spring is damaged, it can only be fixed by replacing it. Take the old spring to a store and buy a replacement. 

If the rod is bent, it cannot slide smoothly through the catch plate. You can try to straighten it using a plier or you can replace it. Remove the bent rod and take it to a hardware store to buy a replacement.

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